Veridis House

May 2018

An inventive timber framed Passivhaus, inspired by nature and the Fibonacci spiral.

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First Impressions

A client with a planning level design and high aspirations both in terms of architecture and building performance.


Take a design and make it buildable and affordable, without losing any special characteristics. Design, supply and construct the timber frame.

A unique and inspiring house built to Passivhaus standards.


A unique and inspiring house built to Passivhaus standards.

A Design Inspired by Nature

The house lies in the countryside and is surrounded and covered by gardens, with large openings to merge house and garden

The fibonacci spiral starts in the landscape and curls round to form the plan of the house

Windows to the front of the house are triple glazed and curved, but also have an optical illusion based on the structure of a bee’s eye.

Passivhaus Construction

Even at an early stage of construction, the qualities of the design shine through.

The north facing entrance facade is relatively unglazed to prevent heat loss. It has an abstract patterning to lead you through to the main gardens facing south

A cross sectional drawing shows the amount of insulation required for a Passivhaus, and how there can be no gaps anywhere.